Who Am I: My name Caro. I'm a 32 year old Medical Writer. I come from a tropical country and for some reason I decided to change the sun for Canada's lovely winter...just kidding. I moved for academic reasons but was lucky to find friends and love...and a cat ^-^.

What do I write about: This blog is dedicated to my thoughts about a life in research, things that happen in and outside the lab and every once in a while discussion about science news.

What else do I like besides science:

I have a another blog dedicated to my other passion: Books. You can visit it at A Girl that Likes Books. I enjoy cooking, playing with my cat...or just like my mom, sitting next to a window and letting the sun warm me up...always wearing sunscreen. I'm also more and more into vintage clothing, but that's a different story.

You can contact me at

cplazasg (at) gmail (dot) com

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